From 3 trucks in 1997 to a group of companies in Lithuania and Finland with a fleet of >600 vehicles.

Car service network in Lithuania, Germany and France. The company's fleet consists of Mercedes Benz, DAF and Renault vehicles up to five years old and compliant with EURO-6 safety requirements. The company started its activities in 1997.

Since 1997 the company has been a member of the Lithuanian National Association of Car Carriers "Linava".

TTLA member since 2019.

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Gediminas Luckus
  • 1997Starting a company

    A surprising beginning of history with 3 trucks

  • 2006100 trucks

    The company has reached a round number of active trucks in its fleet

  • 2008Growth

    New company premises and road transport service in Šiauliai

  • 2015200 trucks

    Saudingos road transport fleet expands to 200 trucks

  • 2016Fleet Master

    A Fleet Master is set up. Fleet monitoring and management system

  • 2017Truck Master

    The first Truck Master service centre opens in Germany

  • 2019Truck Master

    2nd Truck Master service centre opens in Germany

  • 2019Fleet Master

    >3000 trucks running with Fleet Master software

  • 2023500 trucks

    Saudingos Autotransportas and Luckaus transportas fleet grows to 500 active trucks

  • 2024Truck Master

    The first Truck Master service centre opens in France

  • Due to the ever-increasing demands of our customers in the field of quality, we also have to give a lot of importance to the evaluation of carrier acting on behalf of our company. In the last evaluation you were ranked in category A, which is the highest score. We congratulate you!
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